Top 10 Best Young Football Players 2018

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Top 10 Muslim Footballers In 2018

Top 10 Muslim Footballers In 2018

The Premier League is known for being one of the most diverse football divisions in the world and there are plenty of Muslim football players currently plying their trade in the English top flight.

There are high-profile Muslim footballers in the Premier League and the list includes some top Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United stars.

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Top 10 Best Soccer 2018 – Fan Made

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Top 10 Attackers in Football 2018

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Top 10 World Cup Dreamers! Best football players who never played at a WC ► Onefootball

Onefootball counts down the Top 10 Football players who never played in the World Cup including Gareth Bale and Eric Cantona. Comment below and let us know which Football related Top 10 you'd like to next time.

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Zig Zag Sprints for Soccer Players

Elevate your Soccer Game

In this video, we demonstrate a Zig Zag sprint for soccer players. During a soccer match, you need as a player, to change directions very often.

Furthermore, you frequently need to place yourself in strategic positions to receive the ball from your teammates.

A great way to practice these changes of direction is to train them as often as you can. A good exercise that can help you with that is the "Zig Zag sprints for soccer players" exercise.

This exercise consists in placing six cones on the field.

You quickly sprint to the first cone in a diagonal line. Once you get to that cone, you rapidly change of direction and sprint towards the other cone. You do that for all six cones.

You want to sprint as fast as you can towards each cone and when you're about to change direction, it's best if you lower your center of gravity for a swift turn.

You can practice this sprinting exercise 3 times with a couple of minutes break in between. Then you can do it another 3 times.

This exercise will greatly enhance your sprinting skills in soccer. Not only that, but it will also improve your changes of direction.

These soccer skills will have a major impact of your game. It's a great exercise that will allow you to get much quicker to loose balls and get your way on the field.

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